Time Schedule

Have a look at the plans for the 4 days of competitions, lectures and shows

One partout ticket for it all!

Alongside the WRL event, the Danish Icelandichorse (DI) association is hosting a series of interesting “Drop-in” lectures with exciting topics in a wide selection.
There will also be various festive features in the form of a stallionsshow and DI anniversary shows. All of this is included in the ticket price!

Via SPORTI Partout -tickets are sold for all 4 days, including fair, shows and lectures. Numbered seats and VIP seats are sold. In case there will be any tickets left, they will be sold at the entry – BUY YOUR TICKET HERE


Subject to change – we are constantly working to improve the program and new ideas may come up 🙂

From approx. 08-22

Sports classes DI Talks
tbc T4 Preliminary round 12:30 PM Skoningens indflydelse pÄ prÊstation og holdbarhed
tbc T3 Preliminary round 1:30 PM Jeg kan, jeg vil, jeg tĂžr
tbc V1 Preliminary round 2:30 PM WorldFengur for den nysgerrige avler
tbc F2 Preliminary round 3:30 PM TrĂŠk vejret og andre gode fif
tbc V1 Preliminary round ctd. 4:30 PM GĂŠĂ°ingakeppni, det nye sort
5:30 PM Et indblik i disciplinen Alrid


From approx. 08-22

Sports classes DI Talks
tbc T2 Preliminary round 12:30 PM FIZO’en – nice to know
tbc F1 Preliminary round 1:30 PM GĂŠĂ°ingafimi for begyndere
tbc V2 Preliminary round 2:30 PM Har du styr pÄ guidelines?
tbc F1 Preliminary round ctd. 3:30 PM NĂ„r vi kommunikerer med heste kommunikerer vi med os selv
tbc V2 Preliminary round ctd. 4:30 PM Islandske heste viser ogsÄ tegn pÄ smerter
tbc F1 Preliminary round ctd. 5:30 PM Den islandske hest i saga og Edda


From approx. 08-22

Sports classes DI Talks
tbc T1 Preliminary round 12:30 PM Farver og deres nedarving
tbc T4 B-final 1:30 PM ForstÄ hestens indlÊring
tbc V1 B-final 2:30 PM Har du hĂžrt om homĂžopati?
tbc T1 Preliminary round ctd. 3:30 PM BLUP- the Basics
tbc F2 B-final 4:30 PM Strategien til succes
tbc F1 B-final 5:30 PM Naturspor
tbc T3 B-final
tbc T2 B-final
tbc Stallion Show – Preliminary round
tbc DI JubilĂŠums show
tbc Stallion Show – 4 gaiters final
tbc Stallion Show – 5 gaiters final


From approx. 08-17

Sports classes
tbc T1 B-final
tbc V2 B-final
tbc T4 A-final
tbc T3 A-final
tbc T2 A-final
tbc F2 A-final
tbc V1 A-final
tbc V2 A-final
tbc T1 A-final
tbc F1 A-final