The preliminary startinglists are now online. You can find them here:

Please be aware that there can be changes due to withdrawals or similar.

In general the Icehorse Festival Team kindly asks you to:
• Be on time. Very many riders have signed up, which means that the time schedule is tight, and we need your help to comply with it.
• Show consideration to other riders during training and warm-up and ALWAYS keep to the right when passing each other – for everybody’s safety.
• Stay up-dated: www.ticker.icetestng.com and here on our website
NB Riders meeting Thursday 5. April 07:45 AM at the warm-up track, Building Q.
Start lists and results:
On www.ticker.icetestng.com
NOTE: start lists are tentative until 1 hour before a given test begins.
FEIF Rules and Regulations 2018.
FEI’s rules of vaccination www.inside.fei.org/vaccinations
Finals and prize-giving ceremonies:
Separate finals for junior or young riders will not be offered. Young riders can (if they qualify) participate in the finals.
At the end of each A-final a prize-giving ceremony for all three age groups will take place. Junior riders will be welcomed into the track (on horseback) while equipment check is taking place. Here they will receive their prizes and perform a lap of honour. Subsequently, young riders and seniors will be invited into the track (all on horseback) to receive their respective prizes and the following lap of honour will take place.
Lists with junior and young riders going to prize-giving ceremonies will be posted at the note board by the secretariat by the end of each test.
If young riders qualify for an A-final, the senior riders at the highest positions (after the winner) of the conducted B-final will be invited to the prize-giving ceremony for senior riders.
Withdrawals are handled according to FEIF Sport Rules and regulations, S1.7.
Deadline for handing in music requests is Sunday 1 April.
Requests should be sent to rikke@ingemansvarrer.dk.
Training on the tracks will be possible (see opening hours below).
Because of the great number of riders, who wish to test the tracks, and especially due to safety we kindly request you to consider the following:
• Every rider stays at the oval track, Equisana Arena, Building M, for max. 15 minutes.
• Max 10 riders use the track at the same time.
• You ALWAYS keep right when passing each other in opposite directions.
Usage of the warm-up track in building Q is not restricted. However, while competition is going on in the arena, this track will be reserved for warm-up. Riding on the tracks belonging to Danish Icelandic Horse Association next to the stable area is allowed.
Stable area:
Wrapped hay is included.
1 bale of wood shavings is included.
All stalls must be cleaned before departure. Neglect to do so will be billed (500,-DKK.). End cleaning can be purchased (100,- DKK) by the Icehorse Festival teammembers working in the stables.
Parking for riders is next to Building Q – please see the map below.
Camping sites can be purchased at www.sporti.dk/icehorsefestival-billetter
Rider treat:
Mols Kafferisteri will serve a cup of coffee for each rider at the festival. Please drop by.
Opening hours:
Check in:
Wednesday 4. April: 12 PM – 9 PM
Thursday 5. April: 8 AM- 12 AM and 7 PM – 9 PM
Friday 6. April: 7 PM – 9 PM
For early arrivals from abroad (Tuesday 3 April), please contact the secretariat.
Oval track, Equisana Arena, (training):
Wednesday 4. April: 4 PM – 11.15 PM Starting time may be subject to change. Information will follow.
Wednesday-Sunday: 6 AM – 7.15 AM and after last test to 11.15 PM
Wednesday 4. April: 7 PM – 10 PM
Thursday 5. April: 6.30 AM – 10 PM
Friday 6. April: 7 AM – 10 PM
Saturday 7. April: 7 AM – 10 PM
Sunday 8. April: 7 AM – end