Information for Exhibitors


  • Arrival – booth installation Tuesday 3.4.2018 1pm until 8pm – Please give feedback to Lone on when you are planning to arrive , so we can organize everybodies arrival as  relaxed as possible. 

Please also remeber the following:

  • At arrival – please inform us, that you have arrived at the information booth in hal M (booth number 9800) and check in. Exibitors should always wear their passes visibly.
  • Tickets – There are 3 exhibitorpasses per booth – no seats on the stands. Unnumbered seats can be bought for 250 DKK each, normale visitor ticktes can be bought via
  • Unloading – You can unload at port 8. 
  • Parking – After unloading you can park on P øst – there will be signs saying udstiller P and also showing the way there.
  • Fair opening hours – The opening hours for visitors are Thursday until Saturday 7.30am – 10pm and Sunday 7.30am – 5pm. The track will be open for riders from 6am – 12pm. We will close off the exhibition area in the  rest of the time and also establish security. 
  • Technical services from MCH – sockets, power, furniture, flooring etc. can be bought dircetly from MCH and is invoiced accordingly. Exhibitors will get their login date to the exhibitor guide after 12.3.2018. If you want to see prices and possibilities in advance, you can check for comparable information.
  • Construction – Please be aware that with boothwalls over 3m length, it can be necessary to have a right-angled supporting wall. Placing or omission of these can be discussed with the hall inspector in MCH during construction. Costs for possible supporting walls are included. 
  • Hall inspector during ICEHORCEFESTIVAL is Jan Jørgensen – reachable under 0045 29202161.
  • Responsible for exhibitors during ICEHORSEFESTIVAL is Lone Bertelsen reachable under 0045 23647389 or at booth number 9800 in hall M.
  • Regulations – Exhibitors agree to the valid rules and regulations at Messe Center Herning
  • Dismantling – Sunday 8.4.2018 5pm-10pm and Monday 9.4.2018 8am -2pm
  • SHOW programm – There will be different show acts on Saturday and Sunday. Please be aware that for two of them we will have to turn off the light in the hall, both will take about 15 minutes.